Woodsman Tavern

Took my sweetie to breakfast at The Woodsman Tavern. Really cool feel to the place. Loved the wood floors, old time light fixtures, and the Patsy Cline playing in the background. The food was really good.

Waffle Window

Went to the Waffle Window in the Hawthorne District.  Had one with Pepper bacon, Brie, fresh basil and house-made peach jam.  One with Black Forest ham with Jarlsberg and Gruyere cheeses served with Grade A maple syrup.  Also a sweet one with pearl sugar dipped in Guittard dark chocolate. Yummy insanity.      

Farm to Fork

Nice breakfast in Dundee. Oregon wine country baby!  This place is very handsome and the food was excellent.  Best breakfast out in a long time.


Got to Besaw’s before the 11:30am lunch menu started, so we just did breakfast for lunch. I had the breakfast burritos, my buddy had the “breakfast burger”?  Yikes!  He said it was great.  Check out the fries…they are really quite “light” cooked up in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with herbs and garlic.  Everything covered…

My Coffee Choice

I like my iced coffee drink in a paper cup.  Iced, grande, non-fat latte in a paper cup.  That is my summer drink.  Drove the barista at PDX, just now, crazy.  “But it is an iced drink,” they say.  I know.  “You want a hot cup?,” they say.  I do.  Kids, here is the story.  Way…


Not a bad breakfast for 32,000 feet up!


Used to be Sydney’s.  Some mixed reviews out there on the web.  Thought I’d give it a try.  Upside,  the place is hard to beat for open and airy, hip industrial chic.  Great “bones” to the cafe, no matter who is running it.  And my sandwich, well, it was delicious! Downside?  Yup.  Staff.  One word: Rude.  My food was “up”…

Kenny and Zuke’s

NYC food! Bagels are great. Must come back for deli sandwich and fixens.

Wake Up Call

The kids let me “sleep in” to 6:10am. What a great way to start a Saturday. Thankfully I have good coffee!

Besaw’s II

Here I am doing a back-to-back visit to Besaw’s, but what can I say?  I know, how about two more wonderful things about this place: 1) You get to have a great breakfast for lunch; and 2) They preserve and use vegetables from their own organic garden!  Yummy or what?  Nothing wrong here…was your lunch this good?