My Coffee Choice

I like my iced coffee drink in a paper cup.  Iced, grande, non-fat latte in a paper cup.  That is my summer drink.  Drove the barista at PDX, just now, crazy.  “But it is an iced drink,” they say.  I know.  “You want a hot cup?,” they say.  I do. 

Kids, here is the story.  Way back in the day, back in Ashland, as an undergrad going to SOSC, there used to be a magical little coffee house called Garo’s.  Right on the boulevard.  Little deck outside where we would have smokes.  Live jazz on Sunday night’s.  The place was epic.  And guess what, you got your iced coffee’s in a paper cup.  Hell, it was even that way at Starbucks [Do I have to teach everyone about a pre-milkshake era at Starbucks, because there was one, you know!  A time before frapachinos and extra whip caramel].  Even Starbucks did iced drinks in hot cups, back in the day. 

In the end, what is the big deal?  Taste.  It taste better to pour iced coffee over the rocks, in a paper cup, tumbling into my waiting happiness, then it does to suck through a plastic straw in a plastic cup.  It is better, try it.  Now I am off to Boise!  Happy Monday.   

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