Nice plate of wings with “secret sauce” which is one part Red Hot and one part Sweet Chili. Yummy.


What a wonderful sign. Amen! Ha.


Whole Foods sushi is better than no sushi, so I am grateful, I get it. But damn, been a long time since I’ve had the good stuff!

The Cove

Poolside with Mai Tai. The Cove, Sunriver. Hell ya!


Stickmen Brewing Company. A hoppy F-bomb IPA paired with a thin crust Meat Lovers pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. Meat Lovers is NOT on the menu, but if you ask nicely they serve it up. Yum!


Udon noodle soup, with chicken, at local joint. Same as it was in 1998. With a little shrimp on top!

My Glass

Took 6 long years to finally get my “personal” glass at The Growlerie. #28 of 100 glasses issued way back when. Cheers, y’all!! Don’t drink from my glass!! 😊