Seriously good Reuben sandwich today at The Meating Place, out towards Hillsboro. I go there for lunch. My 17 year old boy goes there to buy incredible meat (first ever lamb chop, today). Good stuff!

Black Ink

Another stellar cappuccino at Black Ink! Nice that someone knows how to still make these, in a era of coffee shop milkshakes.

…and More.

What can I say, I grew up in So Cal. I love tacos! These were very good.


This place is very popular. Seriously legit toasted Everything Bagel with Salmon Cream Cheese!

Black Ink

Best cappuccino in over ten years, woof!


Beautiful summer colors in the produce today in Corvallis.


Nice breakfast this morning. These guys make a legit cappuccino. A dying art in the era of Starbucks milkshakes!