Used to be Sydney’s.  Some mixed reviews out there on the web.  Thought I’d give it a try.  Upside,  the place is hard to beat for open and airy, hip industrial chic.  Great “bones” to the cafe, no matter who is running it.  And my sandwich, well, it was delicious! Downside?  Yup.  Staff.  One word: Rude.  My food was “up” on the counter, and three or four staff literally stared at the plate and squabbled over who would bring it out to me.  Like they were all starving artist, undiscovered celebrities, too uber cool to bring a guy a sandwich in a cafe.  Someone finally brought it out, and she looked pissed as she dropped it in my lap.  Wake up guys, it aint Manhattan, and you aint no 17-year-old lady gaga in waiting.  Lose the attitude!



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