Celebrity Chef & Writer, Anthony Bourdain, recently asked what does it means to cook well?  I tossed out my own answer to that question on his website, but am posting it here as well. 

Cooking Well: Mom would make green-chile, pulled pork burritos.  Took her all day to prepare and eventually roll up about thirty of those bad boys.  We did not use the “L” word a lot in our house when I grew up, not sure why it was so hard for everyone to say that word.  But we sure did tell Mom we loved her when we drooled all over those burritos.  “We love these, Mom!”  “They’re so frickin’ good, Mom!”  She cooked, we ate, and she knew we loved the burritos, and she knew we loved her.  And now after she has been gone the past seven years, when I make those same burritos in my kitchen, we all love them, everyone does, and it helps me feel like Mom is right here with me.  THAT is cooking well.

–I love you Mom!  xoxo

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