After our meal at por que no? today, we walked down Mississippi Street, people watched, and thought of how we so desperately want to get out of our suburban dreadfullness and become more urban, more hip.  How much we want to move into a cool, happening neighborhood and live in that 1906 charming bungalow with hardwoods and a big ass wood burning fireplace.  Of course, in that fantasy, we likely pretend we are 30 years old, and our three kids are cats, so not sure how to reconcile that with reality (and we do love the kids, don’t ya know).  Hmm…we can still be cool with a bright designer orange Bob Stroller, right??

Anyways, walking, dreaming we stopped in from of Gumbos.  Odd and ends and trinkets.  There was a really thick smell in the air…I wondered what type of incense it was.  That aint no nag-champra, I thought.  We went inside, and the owner was setting things up.  We spoke some pleasantries, then I asked: “What type of incense is that I smell?”  She replied, flatly: “Bar-be-cue.”  I looked at her.  “Yes,” she said.  “It is the BBQ from next door”  [Later learned this to be Amnesia Brewing].  I felt even more uncool mistaking frickin’ BBQ for incense.

The end of my story is simply these masks.  They were hanging on walls and beams inside Gumbos.  I thought they were interesting and kind of scary all at the same time.  Nothing to do with food.  Just me feeling full, slightly buzzed, and walking around with my Wifey, having a good time.

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  1. There’s nothing ‘uncool’ about having a natural instinct for delectable aromas. An attribute that’s led you to your passion no doubt. So glad you captured some Gumbo sightings – some of which are food related, the Cucumber Facial Mask and the Classic Venetian Clown adorning grape leave. By the way, follow your nose to the grilled sausages at Amnesia Brewery, they are yummy, especially in company with their in-house brew. Don’t miss Mee-Sen either, 3924 N. Mississippi. In fact, anywhere on the avenue is a treat. In meantime, I’ll follow some of your leads. Thanks, Gumbo Debbie

    1. pdxfoodguy says:

      My new favorite incense aroma…BBQ! 🙂

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