The Feast Portland Night Market was billed to be one of “the nation’s liveliest outdoor celebration of global street food.”  I’d say it lived up to the promise.  Great food, drink, location, and even some foodie celebreties.  Three hours of walking around stuffing treats in your face and washing it all down with fine wines, micro brews,…

Boiled Cajun Goodness

Am I a happy fella, or what? A case of pure flavor. Shipped in from the deep South. Hell yes! If you’ve never had them, you do not know what you’re missing.


My new friend. His name is Grok. He is going to help me. Look him up if you are curious!

More Crab

There are few things I like better than fresh seafood, and at the top of the pack is Dungeness crab.  Great memory from years back was eating a bunch of crabs at the coast, with some work buddies, outside on a deck, cool ocean breeze, cold micro brew, crab dripping down your forearm, just loving it. …


Been in a slump since the whole get ready for Thanksgiving rush.  Nothing notable since.  Might be all the sickies around me with coughs and sneezes, perhaps I am coming down with something?  I hope not.  Must travel to SF tomorrow…maybe get something good down there.  Let’s hope.

Cyndi Rocked

Watched Cyndi Lauper at the zoo concert last night.  She rocked the blues.  One sexy lady.  Enjoyed BBQ steak tips and wine on the lawn with a great view!

Cucina Biazza

Cucina Biazza, in Ashland.   Place of one of our first dates, so many years ago.  Dinner spot, tonight, for a significant birthday, and staging grounds before our show at the Elizabethan stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Theater.  What a meal, what a night!

Les Schawb

I had fever last night, 2 of the 3 kids have been sick this week. Walked out the house after 12 hours sleep, and left front tire was completely flat.  So, sitting in the infamous tire shop waiting room, contemplating bad coffee and stale popcorn as my food options. Good times.


So, today is all about pickles.  My Wife makes incredible pickles, it is a once a year deal.  I always want more than we have.  The balance of dill and garlic and peppers come together with these little cukes to make a great and slightly spicy pickle. We went out to Grandmas Farm today to get…