Sipping a cold “Jack Kerouc” on steps of China Town!


Enjoyed a great dinner last night in NE Portland at Lincoln.  Owner David Welch gave us a great table and remembered our birthday honoree with candle and cake.  The small plates and entrees were exceptional.  The breeze, our table, the wine, it was all great.  Wonderful evening!

Last Night

View from our cozy bed this morning, at The Benson. Enjoyed some spring rolls at Typhoon last night but the chicken larb tasted like vomit. Really disgusting! Walked over to Pazzo for dinner and enjoyed a salad of greens (too much salt again), a nice white bean soup, and the gnocchi with wild boar ragu….

The Bra

The Brasserie Montmartre, last night, all lit up and fabulous!

Pacific Breeze

Sitting here, grabbing some take out. Fried Egg Rolls, Spicy Garlic Chicken stir fry, Beef Spareribs, and Tangy Chicken. Place is in Tigard, which causes me to have small faith it will be good, but I tell ya, the joint gets rave reviews. Really. We shall see… Later from home…it was a good meal.  The…

Miro’s Bistro

I’ve said it before, I will say it again: This is one of my favorite restuarants…anywhere.  To find it in Lethbridge Alberta Canada is crazy.  But it is there, and it is soooo good.  

Cyndi Rocked

Watched Cyndi Lauper at the zoo concert last night.  She rocked the blues.  One sexy lady.  Enjoyed BBQ steak tips and wine on the lawn with a great view!

Two for One

Had some wonderful wine tastings at Chateaulin, a flight of five great tasting vinos.  The person tending bar suggested we dine at a tapas type place, a short distance away, Tease.  Ended up she is the fiancé of the chef.  So along we went.  Wonderful evening of wine and food, thank you guys for your…

Cucina Biazza

Cucina Biazza, in Ashland.   Place of one of our first dates, so many years ago.  Dinner spot, tonight, for a significant birthday, and staging grounds before our show at the Elizabethan stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Theater.  What a meal, what a night!


Dinner at Salty’s, seated at Table 1.  Look at that view.  King crab legs tonight.