Went to Ping again.  I cannot help it.  It is my new addiction.  I am proud to say I have sampled a different menu item on each of my visits.  Today it was the “Laksa Nonya.”  Coconut curry rice noodle soup with tofu, chicken, prawns, cockles, boiled egg, house made fish cake, bean sprouts, laska leaf, shredded cucumber, and house made sambal belacan.  Melaka/Singapore version of the famous Malaysian noodle dish.  OMG.  The dish was a 9 out of 10 for me, and with the special chili past they brought to add to it, it may have actually been a 9.8 on the 10-point goodness scale.  Frickin insane flavors and textures and sexy sweet goodness. 

Sugar Baby, please come with me to this place, I’m sorry I went with anyone but you!  XOXO !!

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