So we went to SILK today for our Beef Stir Fry Bowls.  We didn’t get them.  We ordered them, but they aint what came out!!  It was a new waitperson, and she said:  “Oh, I thought you said beef-bo, but you really wanted beef-bowl?”  Yes!!  Three of us today ordered our beloved beef BOWLS and all three of us got soup.  You should have seen the look on our faces:  SHEER disappointment.  One of us (it was not me) just sat there staring at the soup…he said: “I am so disappointed.”  Took him a few minutes to start eating.  [Note: We did not “reorder” as it would have taken an hour to get the dish we wanted].  Anyways, here is what we ended up with…not bad, but now the best lunch in Portland!  Cánh Gà Chiên (Vietnamese style chicken wings caramelized in a garlic pepper marinade), and the Phờ Bò (Round steak and lean brisket with rice noodles and beef broth).


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