I have said it many times these past few months…the stir fried “beef bowl” at SILK is the best lunch in Portland.  It is so damn good!!!  Flavorful, fresh, spicy, savory, delicious, intense, and enormously satisfying.  I talked with our server today, and it seems the dish will finally be added to the permanent menu, to include the dinner menu.  That is good, as I may have to get some take out soon to take home to my better half.  Note: One insider trick about going here for lunch is to come closer to 11:00am than 11:30am, as the place fills up and takes some time for the food to come out.  Lunch times past 11:30am, I would not even consider, unless I had well over a long hour to spend.  But the bowl is to die for.  Cheers!



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