Acapulco’s Gold

Acapulco’s Gold, at 2610 NW Vaughn.  This is not a chain-restaurant; Far from it.  Sitting in the shadow of Montgomery Park, on a street with a lot of history, this place has some good and filling noonday grub.  Speaking of history, the music playing today took me into a complete time warp.  Pouring out of speakers was The Byrds rendition of Dylan’s My Back Pages, and it made me feel like I was in a taco joint in Pacific Beach, right near Crystal Pier, so many summers ago:

“Crimson flames tied through my ears,

Rollin’ high and mighty trapped.

Countless fire and flaming roads,

Using ideas as my maps.”

Nostalgia aside, the salsa is homemade and has some serious kick, and the Sonora Pork Enchilada, with egg on top, is drool worthy!

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