Justa Pasta

Had lunch today at Justa Pasta.  My second visit to this place.  I liked my meal today even more than the first.  Had a small Caesar salad which was excellent.  Just the right size, no heavy dressing-like substance, and serious garlic presence.  Loved it.  For an entrée I had the chicken parmesan — served over bucatini tossed with a spicy, “garlicky” tomato sauce.  It was a good sized portion and very delicious and hearty. 

The place is somewhat unique in that you walk up and order you food at a counter, then sit and they bring it to you.  So now real waitperson.  You’d think that set-up in most places would mean food that is less than top-rate, but in the case of Justa Pasta, that just aint so. 

For great food in a fun and slightly funky combination of eclectic chic meets casual, I highly recommend.

1326 NW 19th (at Pettygrove)
Portland, OR 97209


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