I think this is the best BBQ I have had in a long time.  I know it is.  I think Sweets BBQ in Corvallis, back in grad school days was better, but alas, Sweets is long gone.  For today, I know of no better BBQ anywhere, and that includes trips to Texas, Alabama, Memphis, etc. …

Plate Lunch

Hawaiian plate lunch in Portland.  Huli-huli chicken, mac salad, and two scoops rice.  Pretty authentic take on an island staple.  Of course, the little plate lunch van I used to get my lunches from, in the Pearl City Industrial Park, remains a little better.  But that may just be my sentimentality coming into play.

Kenny & Zuke’s

Pastrami Reuben grilled with kraut, cheese & Russian dressing.  Pickles and potato salad.  Wow.  Sat at the bar and watched the kitchen…Place was full of activity and the sandwich was incredible.  

Hot Day, Cold Drink

Nice sangria at Hawthorne Por Que No?  Plus some tacos.  Yum.  Then off to Brewfest on the water.


Tuna melt here is best ever, with nice side of greens.  Very cool space…love the wood floors and brick walls.


Ginger chicken here is great!


Of over 1,800 eating establishments, Andina is ranked #1 restaurant in Portland by Trip Advisor.  Went there for lunch today.  Did the Empanadas Caseras de Carne for an appetizer: Flaky pastry filled with slow-cooked beef, raisins, and Botija olives.  Had the Lomo Saltado as an entrée: Wok-fried Cascade Natural beef tenders with onions, tomatoes, soy…


Think it’s been a long, wet, dark winter, or am I just drinking gobs of coffee for no reason?


Macanese grilled half game hen in a coconut butter chile sauce flavored with bay leaf, garlic, and paprika.

Acapulco’s Gold

Eat in the bar, between this place and the BBQ joint next door, and you can order from either menu, and you get chips & salsa even if you are choosing BBQ (which I did).  Yum.